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Also see the InfinityDots resources page

Daily Journals

⭐ MOP 2017 Report (PDF)

A daily journal of my experience at MOP 2017, both the math part and the non-math part.

🔒 IMO 2016 Report

An eternally incomplete daily journal of IMO 2016. Includes some commentary on the problems.

Olympiad Handouts

College Competition Problems (PDF)

Thailand IMO Training 2019. Literally just a list of college competition problems that are olympiad-y.


Thailand IMO Training 2018. Δf(x) := f(x+1)-f(x). A collection of problems on my favorite Olympiad technique: finite differences

Diophantine Approximations (PDF)

Thailand IMO Training 2018. Problems on approximations of real numbers by rationals, the Farey sequence, and irrationality measure. Ends with an outline of Apery's proof that ζ(3) is irrational.

Hilbert's 10th Question (PDF)

Thailand IMO Training 2019. A fun problem set based on the idea that you can construct programs of all sorts in the medium of polynomials.

Just do it! (PDF)

Thailand IMO Training 2018. Construction problems, with a focus on just do it, or greedy, construction.

Sturmian Words (PDF)

Thailand IMO Training 2020. Thue-Morse sequence, substitution systems, and Sturmian words.

⭐ Things you don't write down (PDF) (Slides)

Thailand IMO Training 2019 and 2021. Covers soft techniques that people often subconsciously use to probe problems.

Course Notes

(Unfortunately I did not take nice notes from my MIT classes.)

MA661: Linear Algebra (Fall '18) (PDF)

Hotchkiss class MA661. Vector spaces, linear transformations, geometry of R^n, row operations, and some eigenstuff.

MA662: Multivariable Calculus (Spring '19) (PDF)

Hotchkiss class MA662. Basics of topology, derivatives, manifolds, integrals, and differential forms in R^n.

MA671: Actuarial Mathematics (Fall '18) (PDF)

Hotchkiss class MA671. Basics of probability and statistics, interest rates, annuities and perpetuities, and life insurance.


T Travel Times from MacGregor (PDF)

A chart showing the travel times from MacGregor to each MBTA metro station, including which station to board the T at. Also see this blog post.

Selected Proposed Problems (PDF)

A list of some problems I proposed for different competitions such as the ELMO, the InfinityDots MO, and more.